Sunday, March 18, 2012

Hater’s Heaven

Hip Hop artist and producer Dubbs really makes a mark on the Rap music scene with his brilliant CD, "Hater's Heaven." This sharp flowing rapper spins songs that are tantalizing to say the least. He easily keeps the rhythm pumping with his flavorful poetry and rhyming voice. "Rock," is a slick track with charismatic vocals and percussive beats.  Another song, "Backwards," is a magnetic song with impressive vocals and a free flowing rhythmic beat. You will like how Dubbs changes it up a bit with the song, "Salsa," as the syncopated beats capture a Spanish flair as he raps with a suave tonality. If you like the smooth grooves of Jay-Z and Kanye West then take a listen to the excellent rhymes on the fabulous CD, "Hater's Heaven."

Saturday, January 15, 2011

"What I Want Single/Ep" by JOMO (Rap Artist from New Jersy)

The fantastic CD, "What I Want Ep," by talented artist Jomo, is a compilation of brilliant Hip-Hop/Rap songs. Jomo has inventively spun an album that reflects his personal journey of life with sophisticated style and flair. The songs on this album have two versions, radio and dirty and both versions are equally great. The title track, "What I Want (Radio)," has a sweet flowing groove that complements the smooth voice of Jomo as he Raps with a suave tonality. The song, "Wanna Be My Freak Feat. WhiteKeys (Radio)," has an interesting sound and rhythm and lets Jomo generate a grooving Rap tempo. This album is well produced and has an excellent dynamic balance. The synth sounds are rich in texture while the electronic drums set a tone to a dance floor beat. Fans of Hip-Hop/Rap don't miss a chance to hear the songs on the album, "What I Want Ep," as you will really appreciate the stylish grooves Jomo has to offer.

- Diane and the Reviewer Team
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Sunday, September 12, 2010

"ZoraidaRe" by ZoraidaRe (Rap Artist from the Netherlands)

Talented singer/songwriter Zoraidare releases her self titled debut album, "Zoraidare," that is burning with aggressive Hip-Hop/Rap music and embedded with Latin flavors. Zoraidare knows just what it takes to make a CD appealing and fun and it shows on her first album. These songs are not only vibrant and energetic but she lets her voice burn with blistering hot tonality. The opening track, "En El Coche," grooves with enticing flair as the accentuated beats swings with exhilarating style. "Seduceme," is a seductive song that lets Zoraidare sings with a sultry style and grace. Hold on to your seats as the song, "Bebe Campan," moves with a blistering speed while the synth sounds complement the hypnotic vocals. Fans of Hip-Hop/Rap music will really enjoy the magnetic songs on the excellent album, "Zoraidare."

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

"HAPPY DAY" by KF-UNIT (Reagge Artist from USA)

The melodic single, "New Born Babe," performed by the terrific group K-FUnit, is a beautiful Reggae song blended with sweet and tender vocals and soft-hearted Rap. This focused four piece group, who originate from Ghana, knows how to weave a poetic melody that is rootsy and filled with sincerity. The lyrics are reflective and will touch your heart with its kind and gentle insights of love. The syncopated beats are hypnotic as the well balanced vocals beam with dreamy and delicate clarity. The Rap vocals are easy flowing as they swirl around the catchy and lighthearted rhythm. This song is well produced as the dreamy instrumentation is finely tuned with relaxing ambiance. If you like Reggae/Rap music that is not overbearing and offer kind words of love, then the song, "New Born Babe," would be a terrific addition to your musical collection.

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

"Featured Hip Hop - Rap CD "The Fresh Entrepreneur" by "3BUBBLE"

If you like Lil Wayne then check out 3Bubble.
Lyrical, instrumental, entertaining...the southern born mc does it again.
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap: Hip Hop
Release Date: 2010

Sunday, June 13, 2010

"Eternal Life" by Solomon Starr (Rap Artist from California)

Christian Rap artist, Solomon Starr, and his excellent 2nd released album, "Eternal Life," is dedicated to spreading the spiritual faith through his inspired Hip-Hop/Rap collection of songs. Starr is genuine about his faith and one can hear his sincerity as he rhymes with a vision of free flowing lyrical wordplay. The title track, "Eternal Life," paints a picture of the battles of life and the fight to reach the heavens above. The soulful song, "Author of Life," is sweet and delicate as the wonderful melody provides an ambiance of reflection. Feel the inspirational message on, "Power to Fight," as the synth sounds and percussive beats swirl around the intense wordplay. If you're a Christian and like the sounds of Hip-Hop/Rap music, then you will want to hear the insightful songs on the CD, "Eternal Life."

-Diane and the Reviewer Team
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Monday, April 19, 2010

"Simply Me" by Marian Marie (R&B Artist from Los Angeles)

"Simply Me," by the talented vocalist Marian Marie, is a soulful R&B/Neo-Soul album. Ranging from high tempo beats to slow, flowing harmonies, this is a full album with lots of variety and style. "Let's Talk About Love" recalls the experiences of true, romantic love with a slow and subtle groove. "Should We Try" is a piercing ballad telling of the struggles of love. With harmonious background vocals and a well-experienced piano, this track really stands out. Towards the end of the album, the artist takes a more spiritual/contemporary turn which really exposes, lyrically, the feelings of this talented artist. The melodies are softer and fashionable with sweet style and grace. If you like R&B on any level, then take an insightful journey with Marian Marie as she sings of love and life experiences on her terrific album, "Simply Me."

-Trent C. and the Reviewer Team
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